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Top Supplier of OOG containers and Project Shipment
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    Top Supplier of OOG Ship
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    Perfect Risk management
  • 03
    Rich Shipping Resource
  • 04
    Over-10years Project Team
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    Direct Booking Source
Top Supplier of OOG Ship
  • More than 15 years of experience in OOG containers
  • WIFFFA , WCAPN、JC Trans 、I-See Membership
  • Serving over 100,000 clients in OOG shipment
Perfect Risk management
  • Zero accident record in past 15 years
  • High Service Standard
  • In-time action for Any unexpected Situation
  • Extra Secure Manner For Damageable Cargoes
Rich  Shipping  Resource
  • Initiating Member of WIFFA 、Captain Alliance
  • Good relationship with the shipping lines of container 、Breakbulk 、RoRo
  • Rapid organizational ability of Intergrating shipping resource
  • Multiple solution and multiple choice
Over-10years Project Team
  • Management team with good expertise and over 12 years experience
  • All team member must has 5 years at least in this line
  • Quick action to make up the requested solution
Direct Booking Source
  • Without Mid-Channel, Reasonable Rate and Executable Price
  • Flexible settlement method

Service and Case Display

We fully understand the needs of customers, pay attention to every operational detail, and strive for perfection. We believe that only in this way can we provide perfect services.
  • Hapag-Lloyd
  • ZIM
  • CP
  • BBC
  • SIPG
  • HMM
  • PIL
  • WCA
  • Sinotrans
  • Guangzhou Port Grop
  • Yantian Port Group
  • Penavico
  • CPIC
  • APL
  • TSL
  • OOCL
  • CMA

Integrating the best logistics resources Offering high quality services and perfect solutions

  • Founding member of Kapitan
  • Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association
  • Vice President Unit of Fidelity Association
  • Fouder Member of WIFFA

Headseaway –The Firm Choice Of Welll-Known Brands

Delivering responsibility, not only cargo is always our slogan and standard of action, still now ,we have successfully delivered tens of thousands of pieces of machinery and equipment and goods to customers around the world every year. Which make us become the logistics suppliers of many world-renowned enterprise in their logistics system.
  • Guangzhou Electric
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Shipping company S/O (booking list) document English explanation

The shipping company's S/O (booking list) document is explained in English. The shipping company's booking list is obtained, and the following information is mainly checked: 1. Booking number 2. Vessel name/voyage 3. Container type 4. Discharge port, destination 5. Time for replenishing material, time for cutting the weight container and time for cutting and releasing the container 6. Time for mak

What is bulk groceries?

Because of the different types of goods, the cargo transported by bulk ships can be divided into two categories: bulk cargo and general cargo. Bulk Cargo: Granular, powdered, unpackaged goods, the tally unit is generally weight (tons). For example: coal, bulk mineral powder, rice, bulk fertilizer, etc. General Caigo: Goods that can be tallied in pieces. Goods that can be transported in bags, bags,

Features of bulk ship

Features of bulk ship That is to say, non-liner transportation, fixed-line transportation of irregular, indeterminate ports, and indeterminate ships, except for a few fixed ports, the rest of the ports decide whether to call or not depending on the supply of goods, and the ship schedule for a certain period cannot be prepared in advance.

What is a special cabinet?

What is a special cabinet? Special container is the abbreviation of super-sized container or super-standard container; special container is divided into open-top container and flat-panel container. 1. What is an open-top container: Open-top container in English is (Open Top Container), often directly referred to as OT container, open-top container, open-top container, open-top container, is one of

How long is your quotation generally valid for?

Our shipping quotations are generally valid for 30 days. The maximum validity period can be specially agreed to be 3 months.

Headseaway  International  Logistics Co., Ltd
Headseaway International Logistics Co., Ltd

Headseaway International Logistics Co., Ltd is enterprises committed to the logistics service of EPC logistics, vessel chartering, oversize and weight cargo, special container. The main cargo are OOG equipment, construction machinery, electricity equipment, various types of vehicles, pressure vessels, airport equipment, boats , vessel and steel etc .

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